2014~ January Birchbox!

Have you ever tried {Birchbox} ? It’s awesome! It’s a beauty/lifestyle subscription box that comes monthly in the mail. The best part is you fill out a beauty profile so the items you get in your box are unique to you. Who doesn’t love getting surprises in the mail?

The cost is $10 per month. You can pay it all up front for the year or pay monthly and if you don’t like it cancel it whenever you want.  🙂 They also have wonderful customer serivce (another reason why I love this company!)

What you get: 4 to 5 samples (some deluxe and full size!)
1 life-style extra (this is an extra, that birchbox thinks you may enjoy)

You can review your product samples each month and receive 10 points per item. 100 points = $10 Birchbox dollars you can use to buy products online!

Each box is worth well over the $10 and you get to try items you normally would never have the chance to. Every once and a while you will find something you love, its great because it’s normally things I would never expect to like.

Its always a great day when {Birchbox} arrives

Birchbox, THE BOX!
inside of the box once opened

the "theme" card

a list of your products

Yay to the new year!

100% pure mascara


tony&guy shampoo/conditioner

Lifestyle extra tea

My birchbox!

Watch my youtube review here:


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