*Red, White & Blue* Themed Mantel

With 4th of July in just a week away I thought I would share with you my DIY *Red, White and Blue* themed mantel in our living room. It’s perfect for both memorial day throughout the 4th of July!

On the mantel I have a few picture frames, our initials “C&S” for Christopher & Sara, and a candle pillar. To add the special red, white and blue touch I picked up a few things at our local Joann’s.
I found this really cute star made out of grapevine and I thought it would be perfect to take the place of the wreath I normally would make to hang on the front the mirror.  I also found a smaller star (red, white and blue) to hang in the middle of this one to add a little color. Next, I am going to show you how I made the star banner. It’s so easy to make, no one would ever guess it was homemade. I found some red, white and blue paper in the scrapbook isle. I cut out some stars to attach to the banner.
 I cut out some burlap paper into the banner shape (7 to be total). Then fold the back down enough to hot glue the string behind it.

Once that is done you can flip it back over and hot glue your cut out star shapes to the front. Color coordinating red, white then blue.

Hang this up in the center of your mantel.

I found this FREEDOM wood sign at Joann’s as well. Snatched this baby up 70% off! I love a great sale.

This cute mini pillow is hung from one of the picture frame, adds just enough color to the left side of the mantel. Sometimes I think less is more. 


This 4th of July themed candle is one the right side. On the candle are all differnt words that describe that special day, such as fireworks, bbq, picnics, america, freedom, and so on.

Just a couple small things make a big difference. ENJOY!


Ruby Red Rose Martini

Here is anther yummy drink just in time for summer.

Oh yeahh, this is a sweet and savory drink you can enjoy all summer long. It’s a twist on the classic “Shirley Temple” using Red Moscato Wine.

A while back I ordered one of these at the bar, and learned that a truely classic Shirley temple is made with ginger ale and not a lemon-lime soda.  And if your like me you’re probably wondering why.. the reason behind that was because… Shirley Temple was a “ginger” of course! Well, now that makes a whole lot of sense!

When I was younger I used to order these all the time (because it was the only cool looking non-alcoholic drink, oviously, oh and it tasted yummy!). Something about sweet cherries and bubbly soda{mmm mmm mmm}.

Now as I get older I would rather something a bit more refreshing to sip on while laying in the hot sun. The Red Moscato Wine does just the trick, now the drink is not overly sweet.

For two Martini’s you will need:

  • 4 oz Red Moscato Wine
  • 4 0z Ginger Ale
  • 1  oz Cherry Juice or Rose Grenadian
  • some Maraschino cherries and slice lemons for garnish

You can use a bar shaker if you have one and shake up the wine, cherry juice and ice. If you don’t that is okay too, just stir the wine and Grenadian together. Then add the ginger ale slowly and top off with some cherries and add a lemon for a garnish.

If you want to make this ahead of time in a pitcher you can do that as well. One bottle of wine, a half liter of ginger ale and 4 oz of cherry juice should do the trick. 😉

* Add cut up slices of lemons to a muffin pan and fill with water then freeze it and add to your pitcher to keep your Red Ruby’s colder for longer.


Grilled Poppers!

I have been searching for cool new foods to cook outside on the grill, because lets face it, this time of year I don’t want to turn on the oven.. if I don’t have to.

With the 4th of July coming up, I’m sure there will be tons of BBQ’s and parties with your friends and families. Is it just me, or does everything cooked on the grill taste so much better?

Jalapeno Peppers are one of our favorite appetizers, and when we stumbled across a grilled “popper” holder (at one of my favorite stores- T.J.Maxx)  I knew something amazing was about to happen!


Ingredients for Poppers:

  • 10 Jalapeno peppers
  • 1/2 cup cream cheese
  • 2 tbsp cheddar cheese
  • Thin sliced Prosciutto ham (taste similar to bacon



The first thing you will need to do is cut the top off the Jalapeno peppers. You may want to wear gloves because this type of pepper can have very spicy seeds inside. You will then need to clean out the peppers so all of the seeds are gone. Then rinse them under water to remove some of the extra spice. Because, BOY these babies can be HOT!


Okay, you got the spice mostly out. Now its time to make the delicious filling. Start off by softening the cream cheese for 20 seconds in the microwave (just enough to mix it easy). Then add the cheddar cheese and combine together.


Now you can spread the filling lightly on top of the ham. Make sure to make a nice thin layer so its easy to roll up.

Like this … remember to keep it nice and tight so it fits inside the pepper.
You may have to cut your ham roll up in half to fit inside the pepper. Tuck in the ham the best you can. Then top them off with some of the left over filling. You can add the tops back on them if you’d like, just remember to make sure you take the seeds out of the tops as well. {trust me} the seeds are very HOT!

If you don’t have a popper stand, you can just lay them on some heavy duty tin foil. Pop these {bad boys} on the hot grill for about 30 minutes. Once they’re nice and browned they are done. The key here is the longer you grill them, the less spicy they will be.


Mmm… now sit back and enjoy!!! They will have a nice smoked flavor full of mouth watering juice.

Sparling White Wine {Peach} Sangria

It’s getting warmer out. YAY! Time for the sweet summer time and drinks poolside. Here is an easy drink you can create and put in a pitcher to share with all of your girls while relaxing in the sunshine.

Peach Moscato Sangria Ingred

You will need:

1 bottle of white wine { My personal favorite is Barefoot Moscato because it’s sweet yet refreshing. Best part is they also make a Red Moscato and a White so you could use either)
1/2 a Liter of Sprite
2 cups Peach flavored Juice or 4 oz. Peach Schnapps
2 white peaches
2 oranges
You can also add strawberries and raspberries or what ever you’d like!

Peach and wine
If you want to make this drink per glass and wine first, fill it up half way. Then add some sprite and 1/2 oz. of peach schnapps. Garnish with peaches and oranges.

Instagram Sangria Peach

Looks so fresh and refreshing!

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