*Red, White & Blue* Themed Mantel

With 4th of July in just a week away I thought I would share with you my DIY *Red, White and Blue* themed mantel in our living room. It’s perfect for both memorial day throughout the 4th of July!

On the mantel I have a few picture frames, our initials “C&S” for Christopher & Sara, and a candle pillar. To add the special red, white and blue touch I picked up a few things at our local Joann’s.
I found this really cute star made out of grapevine and I thought it would be perfect to take the place of the wreath I normally would make to hang on the front the mirror.  I also found a smaller star (red, white and blue) to hang in the middle of this one to add a little color. Next, I am going to show you how I made the star banner. It’s so easy to make, no one would ever guess it was homemade. I found some red, white and blue paper in the scrapbook isle. I cut out some stars to attach to the banner.
 I cut out some burlap paper into the banner shape (7 to be total). Then fold the back down enough to hot glue the string behind it.

Once that is done you can flip it back over and hot glue your cut out star shapes to the front. Color coordinating red, white then blue.

Hang this up in the center of your mantel.

I found this FREEDOM wood sign at Joann’s as well. Snatched this baby up 70% off! I love a great sale.

This cute mini pillow is hung from one of the picture frame, adds just enough color to the left side of the mantel. Sometimes I think less is more. 


This 4th of July themed candle is one the right side. On the candle are all differnt words that describe that special day, such as fireworks, bbq, picnics, america, freedom, and so on.

Just a couple small things make a big difference. ENJOY!


Valentine’s Mantel & Decor

We took down the Christmas decorations a few weeks ago.. and wow everything looked so bare. Chris thought it would be a good idea to decorate for Valentine’s Day {haha!} … let’s just say I thought he was being sarcastic. Turns out he enjoys the decorations as much as I do! 🙂

I searched around for some ideas on Pinterest and found some cute banners for the fireplace. Here’s how mine turned out:

Cute right? It was wicked easy.

I went to Joann’s and found some burlap paper. I cut out a stencil first for how I wanted the shape of the banner to be, and cut out 7 sections. Using some cute and festive valentines day scrap book paper I cut out hearts to hot glue them to the burlap. Next, I used some string and super glued it to the burlap paper by folding the edge of the burlap 1/2 inch over the string. It was a very inexpensive way to make a cute banner. Total cost was about $8 and the supplies made 3 banners (that I gave away to my friends/family). Oh and I always use a 40% off coupon for my most expensive item, you can print yours today online or show them the code on your smart phone at most craft stores.

Next, I wanted to make a Valentine’s Day wreath using my favorite and easiest way , a premade {Grapevine wreath} (you can find these at Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Micheal’s, and even Wal-Mart). The best part is they cost about $3.99-8.99 depending on the size. I then find some holiday florals and cut them and intertwine them into the wreath. You can add whatever you like, ribbon, flowers, letters, to personalize it any way you like.


I was lucky and was able to find some left over Christmas florals that were marked down 80% off. Yay!  I mixed red and white to give it a valentines day look.

Isn’t this saying adorable? ~ “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite” ~ A little too mushy gushy for everyday, but perfect for my Valentine’s day decor. Since this decoration is only going to be used for such a short time ( only about 20 days) I decide to just print out the saying using powerpoint. Then I cut it out and glued it to  some cardboard, wrapped around the same string I used for the banner and also the same cut out hearts.

To make this look personalized, add some pictures of you and your love, like I did. I think the black and white pictures make it look romantic.

And there you have it ~ my quick, easy, and inexpensive way to add Valentine’s Day decor and a touch of love to your home today!

How to CLEAN Your Washing Machine

Have you ever cleaned your washing machine? Sounds funny doesn’t it.. we use our washing machine to clean our clothes but it often gets dirty doing the job.

By cleaning out your washing machine not only will your washer look like new, but it will clean your clothes better too.

Here’s  what you will need:

  • old toothbrush
  • cleaning rag or sponge
  • all purpose cleaner (I use Clorox Clean-up)
  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • bleach
  • gloves to protect your hands

what you need to clean

how to clean your washing machine

Here’s how:

  1. Using an all purpose cleaner and toothbrush clean the lid of your washing machine. Make sure to get into the crevices but partially closing the lid to get underneath.
  2. Clean all around the lip using an all purpose cleaning, a rag/sponge and some baking soda.
  3. This spot in most washing machines is for bleach (i use mine for downy) either way clean it with all purpose cleaner and baking soda using a toothbrush and sponge.
  4. This is where the fabric softener normally goes, mine however does not have one, if yours does pop it out and soak it a bit to loosen the softener up in the sink so it’s easier to clean. Use all purpose cleaner and some baking soda.
  5. Next clean the agitator,using all purpose cleaner and baking soda with the use of a toothbrush to get in the cracks and a sponge for the rest.
  6. Okay, by this point it should be looking like new again. Yay! But we’re not done just yet. Time to get that musty smell out. Put 2 cups bleach into your washing machine with hot water, large load. Let it run through washing cycle. Stop it just before it rinses and let it sit and soak for an half and hour. Then let it drain.
  7. Lastly, repeat the cycle, this time add 2 cups vinegar and hot water.

    All done. Leaving your clothes looking and smelling fresh and clean.
    Here is my after pic:
    after clean washing

{DIY} Fall Grapevine Wreath

I  like using grapevine wreaths to add decor to any room for the holidays. You can find them at any craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Michael’s and even Wal-Mart! Best part is they’re fairly cheap {only $3-8.00 depending on the size}.

You can add florals, bows, and even a letter to customize it to your home.

~ Check out mine below:

Fall grapevine wreath

Fall grapevine wreath